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Seasonal garden by Inspired Garden Design
Site appropriate garden by Inspired Garden Design
Creating a sustainable environment by Seasonal garden by Inspired Garden Design
Let Us Bring Your Inspiration To Life


What inspires you?

We believe the initial creator is you and your wishes; Inspired Garden Design will render those inspirations and ideas into reality. 

At Inspired Garden Design we see the many shades of green from the Andes mountains to the slick, almost imperceptible, clean lines of modern city dwellings. Each season offers a unique landscape design opportunity. Spring comes to life with early blooming bulbs and perennials. In the summer we look for warmth in color and foliage that reminisces island tropics. Come autumn, grasses and decidous shrubs add radiance to your garden. Winter interest brings about the architectural splendor in our tree canopy. 


Inspired Garden Design brings the design to life and makes the selections enjoyable, the decisions effective and the roll-out efficient. We offer overall project management, allowing you to enjoy your new garden’s creation.

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